Friday, May 18, 2007


Today is Friday. The day that I look forward to. I dread Sundays but I love Fridays. Does this feeling apply to you too?
Usually on Fridays, I have several reports to prepare. Come Monday, there will be meetings to attend. And these meetings at times are what we called "taruh session". Well, I guess it's a norm. It happens everywhere. Am I not right?

Thursday, May 17, 2007


14 days more to go before I start my new job. Minus off the weekends, I have exactly 10 days more to go. How do I feel? Am I looking forward to it?
Well, to be truthful, I am not so excited about joining the new workplace. I don't feel the ummpphhh!! I have met with the boss and a few new colleagues and they seemed pleasant. The offer for the new job is good. So, what's the problem??
I am attached to my current company for only a year. I was initially happy working here. I made several business trips to overseas and it was a fun learning experience. Gradually, things changed. I was given added responsibilities. Not that I mind. But I wasn't getting support from my superior any longer. I started receiving instructions from other Departmental Heads. I have people who overwrote, overlapped, crisscrossed their boundaries. I became confuse. Despite highlighting my concerns, my superior did nothing to improve the situation.
I am disappointed. I would like to learn further from this company. However I don't see any career advancement with this company.
Perhaps, luck was on my side. Before I could start looking for a new job, I receive this phone call. My new boss head hunted me and offered me a position. I was overjoyed!
I should thank God and my lucky stars. This could just be the beginning of a new chapter in my life.
Let's just wait and see.