Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Starting from small

Things have not been going on well as planned for me. I am not going to go into it. As the more I talk about it, the angrier I become. I can't seem to accept the fact yet. Hell....it wasn't my fault at all that I am in such a shity spot now. Hmmpphhh......

Life still has to go on, ain't it? Many friends have suggested that I start a little baking business from home. Cakes and cupcakes!

I was kinda reluctant initially coz baking and decorating cakes is my hobby. I really do not want to be sitting in the kitchen all day long smelling myself of butter and vanilla and choco and everything else.

But there were a lot of encouragements from good old friends and hence I have decided to just give it a try.
I am taking orders for cupcakes especially. Suitable for any occasions. You name it, I'll bake it.

Do drop by at http://www.cakesforthoughts.blogspot.com