Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bali Tour - Part 4

Still on Day 1, from the wood carving factory, we went to Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud.
As usual, we were warned about what the monkeys can do. We had to be very careful with our bags and cameras. These creatures are known to snatch them away. To be honest, we weren't very keen when we heard we need to purchase tickets to get in. (Ticket costs Rp15,000 for adult and Rp7,500 for a child). I mean, after all, it is only monkeys.

But on the other hand, this place is one of the tourism spots. Since we were already there, might as well take a look and see how Bali monkeys look like.
At the entrance, a lady was selling bananas, costs about Rp6,500. Supposedly for feeding the monkeys. As she waited for business, she fell asleep. She must have realised that we were snapping her picture and she woke up. Kind of pity her. She must be tired. Pregnant and needed to sit there throughout the day just to make a living.

Standard of living in Bali is very low.

As we walked in, the monkeys came to us. They were big monkeys. Some kind of like sneaked behind us. My cousin got so scared, she hugged her bag and froze each time she sees a monkey walking towards her. She even refused to hold any of the bananas. 1 monkey just came forward and snatch a banana from Edrik. No joke..I was getting pretty nervous too. I started asking myself if this was a good idea after all.

As we walked further in, we noticed some of them play in groups. Our tour guide explained that they have their own gang and territory. Suddenly, we heard some shrieks. We turned and saw a few foreigners running away from some monkeys. The monkeys were fighting. One must have crossed over to the other's territory. Very gungho...I tell you.

Unorganic bin. Hehe....pretty interesting.
Monkey Forest is very big. Along 1 side of it is a cemetery.Also in the forest, is a temple. The gate was locked. Apparently females are not allowed to enter this temple.

As were leaving the forest, we saw some monkeys about to take their bath.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bali - Part 3 - Official tour now begins

Our first stop was to the batik factory. I wasn't impressed with the end products simply because they are being sold in USD and it is very expensive. So I decided to walk out of the selling area and went over to a group of people who were working on the batiks.

The wax which is always kept hot with low fire so that it remains liquidified.
A woman waxing the batik. This process is done so that in the later part when ink is applied onto the material, the wax will prevent the ink from smearing unnecessarily to other parts of the cloth.
Hand painting the batik once waxing process is completed.

Halfway waxing, this lady stopped and did something else. She was kind of weaving the coconut leave.
And the outcome is this. I soon found out that this is like a bowl for offerings to their gods. They would usually place flowers, tiny biscuits, some fine leaves and then a joss stick. They would pray at the entrance of their houses or shops. After that they place it on the floor. Practically everywhere I went, I see these. Some has got more simple design. This is the best design I have seen so far.

Next, to the silver factory. Almost all the places has statues like this at the door front. It is also some kind of dewa which they pray to. In Bali everyone is fond of using flowers.

Even the dewas...the Balinese placed fresh flowers on them. And a lot of these dewas has a cloth wrapped around them. Like a saron
g. But what does it symbolise...I do not know.

A woman at the silver factory working on a pendant. I must admit it is a very, very tedious job. You sit long hours and uses much of your eyesight. Mind you, no machines seen at the factory, not even a single one. We were told the accessories or jewelleries sold are all handmade.

I saw some nice earrings but it was too expensive. After that we moved on to the art gallery.

Before a painting is being put up for sale, it is initially sketched like this.

Followed by painting.
We left the gallery and headed for the wood carving factory. Along the way, we saw some shops selling wood products by the road side and requested for the driver to stop.

Upon visiting one of the shops, I was caught by surprised. Huh...?? Ku-ku bird for sale? I was really, really curious on why they needed to carve this. for DIY purposes? Curious but didn't have the guts to ask.

Our next stop at the wood carving factory. This man carving a sculpture. All are hand carved.

Do you think the mermaid managed to achieve orgasm through our massage?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bali - Part 2 - Hotel Tour

I was awaken by the sound of an old lady who slept in the next bedroom. My handphone alarm has not rang. Why on earth did she wake up so early? had a voice louder than an alarm clock. I set my alarm at 6:30am only to be awaken at 5:30am - the time shown on my handphone. I got up and told her to's only 5:30am. And she exclaimed...hah?? 5:30am the sky where got so bright one?

Alamak, she's quite right also. I checked my wrist watch and found out it was almost 7am!!! Damn! I forgot my handphone has got auto time setting for worldwide time. But then, how do you explain about that "no time difference thingy"? Beats me, I am still puzzled until today.

So, we all got up. Opened the windows and saw beautiful view. We quickly showered and went to the coffee house for breakfast. The coffee house has a Balinese setting. They served continental breakfast buffet style. Not many choices but it tasted pretty good. The environment was really good. Shady and breezy with the fans running and some soft Balinese music in the background much to our joy.
Waiting for omelette

Next, we went strolling around the hotel. The name Puri Bambu tells all. It's filled with bamboos. Something which I adore.

At the poolside.

Taken from part of the compound

Still at the hotel's compound

As we strolled, we came across a humane looking monkey right on tree.
Flowers blooming at the garden.
I don't know what this is. I think it is a deco item. Actually towards the left hand side there is a reading corner, sort of like a mini library. Guests can actually sit right at the patio and read while enjoying the scenery at the same time.
While waiting for the tour guide to arrive, at the entrance of Puri Bambu.