Sunday, August 23, 2009

My "Beloved" Neighbour

Today I am going to tell you about my neighbour.
This picture was taken right at my gate. Each morning when I wake up I am greeted by this rotten "jaguar". The "jaguar belongs to my "beloved neighbour. As you can see, the "jaguar" is already in a bad shape. The body has got holes caused by the rust. The car has not been in used for more than a year. Someone came and stole the car battery one day and the "smart" owner went and replaced another one which got stolen again within the next few weeks. As you can see, someone broke the window too and now it's being covered by garbage bag. Such an eye sore!

Now..behind this car, there are some trees and plants. When the neighbour first moved in, they started planting all sorts of trees and plants, Not just this amount that you are seeing, there were more! It was like a mini jungle. Despite telling them not to plant, they still did. The second son said this is a public area, so it's not up to us to sound him. The last straw came when my mom saw them planting sugar canes. You know how messy sugar canes can be? Well, mom was adamant about them removing the sugar cane. They had no choice and relented.

You see, some time ago before they moved in, one night some robbers hid on top of a tree near where their plants are now, waiting for their victims. The victims could be any of us that were getting down from the car to open the gate. My mom spotted and alerted the neighbours. Despite telling them these story, they were still very stubborn. Maklumlah.....the one hidding on top of the tree happened to be the same skin colour as them. Very difficult to be noticed at night unless they start to grin and you will notice the two rows of teeth.

This neighbour always makes trips to India and each time when he returns he has some new faces in his house. These people will act like his servants ie opening the gate, washing the cars and gardening. Lately, there hasn't been any servants around. So no one to tend to their plants. Some of his kacang plants or what..I don't knowla has grown too tall, I think and fallen. But no one is chopping it off or at least clean up the mess. It's just left there.

This is not the end of the story. There are more. here is a picture of his house. Notice the 2 red arrows? You see when they painted the house, both his neighbours share of walls also he painted his house's colour, making his house looked complete. The part which I have circled, I believe there has been some leakage into his house, hence his contractor greased the roof. Well, I don't mind if he greased only his roof, he actually greased my wall too. Look at the black patch.
*Note : This pic was taken before I put up a wall fence.

To get a clearer view on the grease.
If you also notice, there is a lighter shade of peach sticking to their wall. It is actually a thin piece of metal painted in peach and stuck that for reasons which I believed is to cover up some holes to prevent the house from leaking. And because of that when there is heavy rain, the water just flowed over to my house, like rain taking a trip down the water slide. Not that the water get into my house but it actually landed on my porch roof. And I am pissed.

I have told them to remove their gutter several times as they have exceeded and invaded my territory. This picture is so obvious. Even a blind person can tellthat they have "makan" my house.
But...guess what? Their contractor came yesterday and insisted that no, they have not exceeded what is allowed. The contractor claimed that it is ngam-ngam at the border of their house. Mata setok, I tell you. I thought he has cock eye but when I looked at him, he has perfectly normal eyes.

Last week, my family decided to build the wall fence. And so we did. After plastering the wall, the workers wanted to go over to their place to plaster the other side of the wall. But my "kind" neighbours refused to let them in. So we had no choice but to leave it unplastered.
A few days ago, I saw these 2 tiny dried up cement which look like pebbles on the wall.
Then I found out that these 2 cement piece were actually from their side. You see, when we put up the bricks on layers of cement, there are bound to be some cement droppings. These 2 were the result of that and the "kind" neighbour has decided to let us know by picking it up and place it on our wall.

Oh not just that, they even had the cheek to question me if I am going to plaster the other side of the wall. When I told them that someone in their house has refuseed to let the workers in, the elder son simply shook his head and deny it.

Their gutter has been leaking again. The last time it leaked we told them to get it repaired because the water actually flowed into my car porch. If, like what his contractor had claimed, ngam-ngam at the border, how can the water flow into my porch? Anyway, they didn't repair the leakage. After months later I couldn't take it anymore. I hung a canvas over my fence, below the gutter so that when water flows, it goes straight back into their house. Don't blame me...they forced me to do it.

This round it leaked again. 2 spots. You can see it from this picture.
And the result :
Nice patch, huh?

Let's move on to the back of the house. Looked clean, ain't it?

My "kind" neighbour is so generous. The wife always throw the leftover to feed the birds. I find it so dirty. Not only that. The pigeons and crows come for it. We all know how toxic their droppings are. Shouldn't some people need to be considerate here?
The garbage bin which they got their contractor to do for them has no lid. There was one day I took a peep in it and saw so many flies...the big and shiny ones. This pic which I took is considerably ok comparing to the one I saw last week.

You know this pipe is supposed to be like their front gutter, meant for water to flow. Its facing towards my house again. Unfortunately there has not been heavy rain during this weekend. Otherwise I would have another lovely picture to show. when it rains heavily, the water gushes out from this pipe. if I happened to be opening my back door during that time, the water from this pipe will be cleaning my door from me. Seriously, it gushes out like waterfall . You see, I cannot understand. Why need to put that elbow? Just allow the water to gush straight into the drain will do whatttttt!!!
Last week, when I saw it with my own eyes, I couldn't take the nonsense anymore. Under the heavy rain, with an umbrella, I banged their back door. Bang, bang, bang until they came. I showed it to them. To the elder son, actually who happens to be a lecturer at a university. See....we have educated people in that house but do not have civilised minds. He said he will get the contractor to rectify it but a week has gone. Gutter not removed, this pipe also not rectified yet. Sighhhhhh.
Lastly, look at this.

Remember their back lane looks clean? Well, yea, of course it looked clean because they don't throw the unwanted stuffs at their area. Instead they threw it right across the backlane near another neighbour's house. Both our backs are facing the side of this neighbour (try to imagine, k? I don't know how else to explain). One look and people will think it is this house owner which threw the stuffs out without realising it is the doing of my exact neighbour.

Cool neighbour, eh?