Friday, November 27, 2009

I Miss Him

Today is the 2nd day without Edrik at home. He has left for his drama camp - a 4D 3N program.

The entire household is unusually quiet without him. When I got back from work last night, my aunt said, "it's so boring without Edrik around. We have no one to nag at. We have no one to mess up the place". Oh well...that is Edrik alright, messy and noisy.

Yesterday while at work, I came across a message which read like this:

A simple message that really melted my heart. I guess he was trying to tell me not to worry about him because I was reminding him about taking good care of himself.

Today to kill the loneliness, I went on a shopping spree. Somehow no matter how hard I try to keep myself occupied, I still think of him.

Oh..the little devil......I can't wait to see him on Sunday. I just got to tell him how much I missed him.

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