Friday, November 27, 2009

Mixed Feelings

Most of the time, during the night, before Edrik and I go to bed, we have to have a round of game.

Simple games like tickling one another or telling stories or jokes. Sometimes we end up arguing. At times it can get quite bad.

One night Edrik started tickling me. In the midst of tickling, he got angry. I didn't know why. Then he started to sulk and took his bolster and slept on the floor. Crazy boy. I told him to come back up but he refused so I got angry because he was sulking. Then I said fine...don't come back up the bed and effective the next day, please sleep in your own room.

Guess what I found the next day when i got home after work
Well..."You Asked For It".

I was angry the night before and couldn't help laughing when I read this.


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